Traditional Black Tie, Dinner Dance & Charity Ball photography is boring the pants off your guests!

Event-Photos are one of the UK's leading Professional Digital Event Photographers who cover all types of social, corporate and sporting events, both indoors and outdoors.

As a group we attend hundreds of such events annually and often see the 'boredom' in people's eyes when they see a traditional black, white or blue studio set up, "Been there, done that" or "Top draw is nearly full of the same photos" are the most common comments we hear.

Don't forget, your event is probably not going to be the first or even second such event many guests have attended, those who support 'Good Causes' often attend several a year.

"So how do you make it different?" I hear you shout!

The answer is "You put more in" and by you, we mean us.

Themeing events is not new, you often add balloons, large inflatable Oscar statures or a red carpet but it's still pretty much the same poses.
As you might have imagined, Event-Photos do something a bit differently....

Our two most popular themes so far are our "Film Noir" and "Rockstage" sets.


Based on the dark, duplicitous and mysterious 1930's/1940's Hollywood Gangster and Femme Fatal scene. Event-Photos Film Noir brings it all back to life.

All shot in Black & White to further enhance the mood yet we create stunning imagery that everyone loves.

Think Trench Coats, Trilby's, bottles of bourbon, intrigue and double crossing deals gone bad, our story line will entertain your guests and then we throw in our own Keystone Cops humour for good effect. After all, we don't want to scare your guests!

Take a look at our samples, if you dare.......

FN Photos


Be honest, we all sing in the shower, dreaming of strutting around the stage in front of your thousands of adoring fans. Well now you can!

Event-Photos will build what looks like a full rock stage at your event, using real electric guitars, basses, microphones and stands with real stage lighting and where applicable just the right amount of haze to add to the atmosphere.

Regardless of it your are a soul Diva or an 'axe-swinging' Rock-Chick, a lead guitarist, nonchalant bassist or that front man with the screaming voice, Event-Photos will make your "stage-dreams" come true.

Come on, strut our stage, scream in to that microphone or just look like you are better than the rest, we think you are!

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Event-Photos - Developing the art of professional digital event photography

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