Event photography specialists with event photographers nationwide

Event-Photos are looking for NEW Event-Teams all over the UK

Average cost to set up with Event-Photos help is
circa �12,000

Due to our phenomenal growth we URGENTLY need new event teams nationwide.

We are turning down events EVERY day.

Event-Photos are one of the UK's leading Professional Digital Event Photographers who cover all types of social, corporate and sporting events, both indoors and outdoors.

Have you reached the point in your life were you think "There has to be more to life than M-F, 9-5"? (Usually at around 45!!)

Do you enjoy working with people? Are you interested in a business opportunity that is both profitable and personally rewarding?

This is not a hideously expensive, all controlling franchise opportunity. This is an opportunity for you to decide your level of committment from part time to full time. It will be your business, you decide!

We have some event teams who will only work May - September, some who will only work weekends and others who are totally nuts (like me) who do it full time.

We have opportunities in most areas of the country, you need to be hard working, detail orientated and 100% dedicated to customer satisfaction.

"When in full time employment, I used to get memo's saying 'find another �100k to achieve target' or 'select 5 for redundancy' now I get a pat on the back and get told 'Nice photo mate!'

This is not a "Get rich quick" scheme and requires both substantial financial investment (around �12k for a new start-up) and time commitment, mostly at weekends and evenings. Remember, we are at work while our customers are at play.

For new event team start up, after initial enquiries, we do make an upfront charge of �750.00 to audit, advise, train, mentor and assist with all aspects of the event photography business.

We welcome interest from photographers and non-photographers wanting to take advantage of a proven business model.

We do find teams run by non-photographers, especially those with a sales or customer service background tend to be the more sucessful. Email us at [email protected] or call 07973 143406 and lets talk.

Event-Photos � providing you with the opportunity to start your own business, full or part-time.

Who and what is Event-Photos?

In 1996, Ian Griffiths was on holiday in the US when he recognised the potential of a brand new technology now referred to as "digital event photography" and the possibilities it held for a whole new business sector in the UK photographic industry.

After seeing two guys in a shopping mall with a strange camera that had thick wires coming out of it and watching these guys taking children�s fantasy photos against a greenscreen, and then delivering the finished prints in two sizes (7x5 and 10x8) in just a few minutes, Ian was sold! �It wasn�t the technology that got me, it was how readily parents handed over the cash!�

At the time Ian was employed by Bray Imaging, a UK manufacturer of specialist film processors. After reporting back to the Board, Ian was dispatched back to the US to secure training and distribution rights in the UK for the equipment and most importantly the software now known as 'Darkroom'.

After training in the US, Ian began selling training, equipment and software packages to the UK 'early adopters' the real pioneers of the new technology, many are still in the business today!

In 2001 Ian parted with Bray and established Event-Photos, it quickly grew in to one of the UK's largest and leading event photography service providers.

Today Event-Photos has 45 event teams nationwide and is still growing.

The business is split in to three specific areas;

1) Event Photographers - We are event photographers in our own right attending hundreds of events annually, event photography is our day-job and we take it very seriously, we believe we offer the most professional service available in the UK today.

2) Training and Mentoring - First class providers of Event Photography specific training and mentoring in all aspects of event photography, including but not limited to photography, lighting, posing, workflow, equipment selection, sales and marketing.

3) Central Booking Agency - with a nationally recognized brand clients are confident to book, Event-Photos provides it�s members with hundreds of paying event photography jobs on a �fixed fee basis�.

As far as we are aware, Event-Photos is the only organisation that can offer the full package from training to success on a non franchise basis.

Event-Photos - What's in it for me?

A question asked on a regular basis, here are just a few reasons why you might consider joining Event-Photos;

Work comes to you! - In your early days it�s the jobs you need to pay the bills, get offered regular jobs many with existing year on year financial history.

Training and Mentoring - Learn from the professionals how to cover all kinds of events with different work-flows, avoid the expensive mistakes.

Sales and Marketing - Learn how to get the very best out of every event you attend, don't miss opportunities to sell.

Brand Awareness - Benefit from being associated with a long established and well respected brand, bringing a credibility that would take you years to establish.

Camaraderie - Be part of a large group of like minded individuals you can learn from and share / exchange ideas.

Joint operations - Often jobs come along that are just too big for one team to handle alone. Our 'modular' type system makes it easy for two or more teams to work together.

Buying Power - Event-Photos has a list of "Preferred Suppliers" who offer greater levels of service and advantageous pricing for Event-Photos team members.

This isn't just a training course,
more a road map to help you succeed

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Event-Photos - Developing the art of professional digital event photography

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