Introduction to Event Photography / Equestrian Training

10th Anniversary of training at this great venue

Event-Photos is holding another of their Introduction to Event Photography training day and Equestrian photography training day on Sunday 11th September 2011

If you are considering getting in to event photography or adding a new income stream to your existing photographic business, this day is an invaluable resource of information critical to your decision making.

You will learn from the experts what shots sell the best, what we call "THE MONEY SHOTS", you'll get to try out all kinds of equipment from cameras, lenses and dyesublimation printers from Mitsubishi and try out the amazing market leading, full service event photography workflow "Darkroom software" there is nothing hidden on our training days you get to see everything, ask all the questions and there's nothing to buy, so leave your credit cards, cheque books and cash at home, except perhaps enough for a bacon butty and cup of tea!

The venue is set in the beautiful Northamptonshire countryside and spreads over 3 large fields offering a diverse range of interesting and testing jumps for riders from Novice to UK Championship levels to navigate at a live "Hunter Trials" event

This is a full day event that can run on until 6.30, so please do come prepared for a long day

Equestrian, show jumping and hunter trials can be some of the most demanding events covered, but they can also be one of the most rewarding if executed properly and provide a good income to those prepared to put the effort in but you wont know what's needed unless your get professional training from those who do the job to pay the mortgage!

Event Photography is not for the faint hearted, its hard work and long hours but is usually loads of fun, you get to meet great people and to network with people with all kinds of life and photography experience, just like yourself!

Over the past 10 years over 150 people have attended training with Event-Photos, many now some of the most successful and well respected members of the event photography community, CLICK HERE to read what previous delegates have to say about our training.

Call FREE on 0800 5300175 to see if this day is for you.

Read Paul Spiers review of our training day by clicking here

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