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Event-Photos use exclusively Mitsubishi dye sublimation printers for all their print output at events.

Ian Griffiths of Event-Photos said “We have used Mitsubishi printers since we first started in event photography in 2001, back then Mitsubishi were the first manufacturers to employ 'roll feed' rather than 'cut sheet' units.

Cut sheet printers are prone to paper jams that slow down productivity and have a habit of damaging their own edge sensors when they do jam.

The current batch of Mitsubishi printers such as the CP9550, CP9600 and CP9800 are nothing short of spectacular, super fast printing and reliability like never before. They are so robust we bang them around in the back of our vans across fields, take them to some of the most inhospitable places you can think of, plug them into generators and then work them for 10 hours a day, we do this day in, day out and they just come back for more!

Given the UK weather we can be using them in winter at minus 15C, or summer at 40+C in the vans and trailers, pouring rain producing condensation, high humidity or blowing a gale carrying tons of really fine dust at motocross.

I honestly cannot think of weather system we haven't used them in, to date we've not had a failure related to weather or paper jams.

Recently Mitsubishi have launched a new 8" roll printer the CP3800DW that can print anything from a 4"x 6" to a 12"x 8" on a printer that is slightly bigger than a shoe box.

Print quality is fantastic and the speed just blows you away, 34 seconds for a 10"x 8"!!

More importantly to the speed is the fact that the 3800 prints its media without ever bringing the sheet out in to the atmosphere, so regardless of the environmental conditions, no dust marks = no waste, this unit really is the best thing since sliced bread!

A few drop-ages yes! They don't like bouncing down the stairs but hey, neither do I!

I use and recommend Mitsubishi printers every time, they have never let us down and that reliability is what counts for me.”

Event-Photos are proud to be sponsored by Mitsubishi Electric digital photo technology. Dedicated to providing superior event photography services no matter the size of your event.

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