Event photography Training - Balls, Proms and Dances

Are you thinking of getting in to Event Photography? Then don't miss this opportunity to meet the experts from Event-Photos, ask all the questions you have and enter in to your new venture with your eyes wide open. Learn all about workflow, equipment used and markets to develop.

If you drive around just about any town from April through to July you cannot help but see hoards of young students dressed up to the nines, queues of stretch Limos dropping all these people off at clubs, hotels and many other types of venues for their big night.

Most will be dressed up to a standard they have never before achieved, evening dresses, tuxedo's and more hair gel than the GDP of a third world country!

These Balls and Proms are on the increase and are hugely popular, not just with the students, but also with the parents who have spent a fortune buying and hiring clothes for the big night and who will willingly pay for a professional event photograph.

Do you want to take advantage of this growing market?

This does not mean event photography is easy, its not, if it was everyone would be doing it! Competition is tough for these events not least because indoor eventing is the easiest area to get in to due to the reliably low investment required compared to say outdoor events or owning a studio, so you've got to be good and offer the best service.

Come and learn about school prom, end of year, summer Ball photography from the experts who earn a living from doing it!

This is not a live event like our outdoor training days, this is a however a practical classroom day with models, backdrops, lighting and all the equipment needed to help you succeed.

Posing, lighting, people management, workflow, hardware and software to enable rapid order fulfillment.

You will also get an opportunity to use GREENSCREEN technology that can add value to the service you offer.

The price of this packed day is just 100

Call now on 0800 5300175 to book your place on what could be the most important day you attend.

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