Comments from attendies of our previous
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Hi Ian,

Thank you so much for a truly inspiring and educational day.

I have gained much invaluable knowledge and made some useful contacts, as well as having the most fun i have had with my clothes on in years!! (sad but true!) and I feel, have taken a giant leap towards establishing my own business as an event photographer.

Once again thanks for a great day, I look forward to meeting you again.

Best Regards,

Shane Pym

Hi Ian,

I attended your equestrian events photography training day last year and found it to be a great investment. After taking your 1 day course, I was able to approach local riding clubs and put it all to the test. After a few small riding club shows I really got to grips with the shots and the workflow. I find that currently equestrian events are my main source of event work and something I really enjoy.

I would recommend this course to anybody looking to get started in event photography or equestrian photography.

Many Thanks,

Gareth Stewart

Hello Ian & Jade,

What a fantastic day we had at the Hunter Trials training day, the depth of knowledge and openess you expressed about all the in's and out's of events photography was so refreshing, I've been on other training days and only felt I was being "sold" to, your honesty regarding the whole business was so welcome.

Jade, thank you for taking such good care of us boring photographers, you stayed smiling all day even with all the stupid questions “So where do I put my memory card” how you kept your face straight I’ll never know!

Please keep me informed of future training as I'd very much like to attend a different discipline such as Balls, Black Tie and outdoor sports.


Hi Ian

Sorry its taken so long to thank you and the team for last Sundays training day.

It was a great day, well worth the trip and very useful.

Thank you again for all the pointers, shame the weather did what it did.


Chris Wellstead

Hi Ian,

Just a quick note to thank you for the event training yesterday.

I learnt so much and I'm most grateful for your time and sharing your huge knowledge on Event photography which some people would have been so reluctant to give.

I certainly felt that I had improved so much from the start of the day to getting those key money shots.

Many thanks and lets keep in touch.

Andy Barnes

Hi Ian,

Thanks for a great day yesterday, very informative.

I will be in touch in the near future.

Thanks again.

Steve Warwick

PS. I walked away with one of your safety jackets still on! I Will return it when we meet up again unless you want me to put it in the post ?

Hi Ian,

Just writing to say thanks for a great day at the equestrian event training course.

I have always maintained that for me, the value of a course lays in whether I can use what I have been taught. It has to be said that the shots I learned and the associated techniques - which by the way would never have occured to me independently - have been usable and more importantly saleable from the moment I left on the day.

You pointed out on several occasions during the day - sometimes very explicitly - that shots other than the ones taught would not sell because owners wanted their mounts to look as good as possible. You were spot on in this regard Ian the ONLY shots that I have managed to sell in any quantity have been the ones that you drilled in to us.

So to sum up, thanks for a great day and some great selling shots that I can use for life !


County Imaging

Hi Ian,

Thanks for the calm, informal and relaxed atmosphere throughout the day, in my opinion this enabled the 10 of us to take photographs without the fear of being analyzed as if taken by seasoned pro's, this helped our confidence as a group.

My impression of the training given was it was aimed towards each trainee being able to take better photos and give a real insight in to the world of event photography including equipment, workflows and marketing.

This was not a mass recruitment exercise and at no time did I feel under pressure to make any quick decisions that could ultimately have been regretted.

Thanks again

Peter Sherlock

Dear Ian

The ‘hands-on approach’ gave a insight into the practicalities of the Event which a classroom situation would not have allowed.

The tasks set led to relevant & important questions which may not have been asked if we hadn’t been taking photos and if the course had been based only on theory.

Sally Evans.

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