Event photography training in a classroom?

How can you learn about event photography in a classroom or dealers showroom?

If you are looking at starting an event photography business or adding event photography to your current photographic business as a new revenue stream, come and talk to us,
Event-Photos can make a real difference.

Event-Photos provide training at LIVE events so you get a real insight in to all aspects of event photography and the pit-falls to avoid.

To ensure you get our full attention, we always have one of our experienced 'event teams' running the event and selling to the public, you have the full attention of our trainers.

Many organisations providing event photographer training concentrate on Black tie / Dinner Dance type events, this is the most competetive area of event photography, probably because its the easiest and cheapest to buy in to, a decent camera, set of lights/backdrop, a printer and you are away.....but so is everyone else!

This is where Event-Photos are so very different, not only do we teach you how to run an event, what photographs to capture that your customers want to buy and workflow methods, we also show you how the customer behaves especially when it comes to spending! Don't take our word for it, WATCH THEM!

We also assist with marketing, promotions and professional standards. Most importantly, we are a 'Central Booking Agencey' with nationally recognised branding

Event-Photos is not just a training centre, we are amongst the longest standing and most experienced event photographers in the UK.

They say "Those who can 'do'and those who can't 'teach'", well we can, we do, we teach, we provide work and we love it!

Event Photographer Training Days

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Event-Photos - Developing the art of professional digital event photography

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